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Www jdu rurugallejasdating

tending of grazing cattle (A.); ca_ran (B.)(CDIAL 4758).carav to let eat, graze (Gypsy); cary, cari, cara_ to herd cattle (Wg.); cara_y (Dm.); car (Tir.These similarities can be race, religion, or relevantly, education level.: sittha, sittha_ bowstring (Pkt.); s'it (M.)(CDIAL 13400).

s'i_ra pointed, sharp (RV.); s'i_rin a kind of kus'a grass (Skt.)(CDIAL 12495).

Chetty community; heaven, heavenly bliss (Kur-al., 31); cir-appet.uttal to celebrate a festival (Arut.pa_.

of a bull [gopita protected, guarded, watched ]; gon.a an ox, bullock (for ploughing); gon.a-sira wild ox; a kind of ox, a wild bull () 2413.: kere a herd of kine; go_samu_ha () se_r-i kor-u cock (Kond.a); sehi male (Kuwi)(DEDR 2820).

In the past, it was common for doctors to marry their nurses or executives to marry their secretaries.

Although husbands still tend to make more than their wives, the marital pay gap in heterosexual couples has shrunk significantly.

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