To face dating

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To face dating

Novine su skupe, poljubi me u dupe.", which means: "Catch me, catch me, [if you do that] I'll buy you a newspaper.

Newspapers are pricey, kiss my tushie." A gesture in Japanese culture, made by pulling a lower eyelid down to expose the red underneath.

Performing this gesture is also called "flipping the bird" in countries where "the finger" is used.

In other regions, "flipping the bird" refers to the raising of the middle and index finger with the back of the hand directed at the recipient.

The crotch-grab is done almost exclusively by males.

It is, as the name suggests, a grabbing (or one-handed cupping and lifting) of the penis and testicles - usually through clothing.

It is, in this context, an invocation of the benign powers of fertility embodied in the male genitalia and, as such, lies at the root of the magical intent expressed symbolically in the fascinum and probably also the cornicello.

It represents slitting the throat with a knife, and means that the gesturer or someone else is metaphorically being killed.

It is rarely if ever used literally to refer to death, though it is occasionally used as a theatrical threat ("I'm going to kill you").

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The gesture earned a great deal of national notoriety in the NFL during the 1999 season in which several players did the cutthroat gesture.

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