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I have made love to someone whose name I do not know. Let's not call it "love", it was just about sex: I was on an office tour to a small town. It made me happier when his face lit up with the Rs 1,000 I paid him for the service."This is not my first confession.

He, presumably a bell-boy of the hotel, wanted to know if I needed anything. I have made love to someone whose name I do not know. Let's not call it "love", it was just about sex: I was on an office tour to a small town. I have made my first confession, not to friends, but to a group of young women who approached me last month with a questionnaire in hand-for the annual india today Sex Survey, mapping the sex quotient of Indians.

And "yes means yes" makes that easier—among people who don’t actively want to rape other people, at least. You only want to have sex with people who want to have sex with you, right???

† Reminder: Just because they consent to kissing you doesn’t mean they consent to other stuff!

" That was the message thrown up by the first India Today sex survey, The Sex Report, conducted across 10 cities and 2,305 women. Weren't the new-generation women supposed to be "leaders and cheerleaders of sexual liberation"?

Yet, the largest number of women decided to hide their response to almost every question under the evasive 'Don't Know/ Can't Say' option, 25 per cent even said they were 'indifferent' to sex.

Yes, you have to continually pay attention and reevaluate your partner’s consent (as they do yours!

"While researchers were roughed up by brothers and husbands of those being interviewed, many readers apparently wanted to do the same to us-everyone, it seemed, had a secret life they didn't want out in the open," wrote Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie.

As journalists decided to track sexual attitudes in modern India, the lens centred on women.

Between films advertising 17 kisses, raunchy music videos and soaps on television, Page 3 cleavage battles in print, they perceived a savvy tribe of 'new women' doing better than boys at school, increasingly holding leadership jobs in corporate India, making personal choices at home, work-and their own sexuality.

But, above all, I love and I live life to the lees. And I am changing the dynamics of love, sex, marriage and relationships in this 5,000-year-old country-where successive governments try and fail to change the great disparities and inequalities of ancient personal laws that govern personal lives of all communities.

And unlike my mother's generation, that took great pride in pleasing others, I take care of my own pleasure-without guilt or guile. Age of Un-Innocence"Even when they are in love, women sleep with multiple partners. Silence, anxiety, guilt, denial and distrust are the others?

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I am a Statistic In this country of teeming billions, I am just a blip, a statistic not worth bragging about: I am a single working woman, one of the 71.4 million out of India's 587 million women.

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