Setting boundaries christian dating relationship

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Setting boundaries christian dating relationship

How and where the teen drives within those boundaries is up to them, as long as they follow other imposed boundaries, such as traffic laws.

We all have boundaries in our lives, so teens need to get accustomed to them.

It is your duty to enforce consequences without wavering, but it is also important to express your sadness when your teen experiences consequences. And they’ll help you maintain discipline without destroying your relationship.

Help them know you are on their side and rooting for them.

Such parents tend to shift their punishment (and the boundaries) based on how their own day is going or how frustrated they are with life, their spouse, or their children.As adults, we can’t just haul off and whack someone over the head if we don’t like them.We can’t take a week off from work without asking our boss.Boundaries don’t encumber your child; they free them and they boost confidence and self-control.It’s like the difference between keeping a horse on a lead rope and letting him run freely in a fenced pasture.

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Within each category you may have several related rules, but keeping it simple will help your children remember them better.

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