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They started back for Warwick Homestead first thing the next morning. I've lost sight of things."He walked quickly out of the building, as Roger moved to embrace the suddenly sobbing June and his kids. If you don't mind, I think we need to be alone for a while.

Cait made a face when they got within smelling distance of the farm."God. right in front of June and the kids."Nora stepped up to him and took the gun out of his unresisting hand. He looked at Nora over the tops of their heads."Thank god you were here.""Are you OK? You be safe out there."She nodded, and turned back to Piper and Cait, leaving the gun in one of the lockers near the door on their way out.

"Bill's gun wavered, then steadied as Roger spoke up."Bill, please, I'm begging you, let's just talk about this." Bill noticed the three of them in the doorway."You! "Hands still up, Nora took two slow steps to the side and stood in front of Roger, holding Bill's eyes the whole time."If it means protecting innocent people from a madman, yes."Bill took a shuddering breath."A madman?

I know you're part of this." He waved his gun towards them. You show up outta nowhere, have your secret chat with Roger, and the next thing I see, you're off looking for Cedric." He wiped his face with one trembling hand, the other still holding the gun wavering between her and Roger. I know you're up to something, and I ain't going to trust a word you say.""Bill, we just came to deliver some seeds Roger had ordered from a farm up north. "He shook his head angrily."Their real father is long gone, and I'm guessing you people had a hand in that.

Y ahora, 9 años después, sigo emocionada por leerlas.

She passed Charlie the payment for the drinks and slouched across the bar to where Cedric Hopton was sitting."D'you mind?"They were curled up in one of the spare beds in the bunkhouse, and Nora had been nearly asleep."Hmm? "Nora chuckled."Did you know that you get the cutest little wrinkle between your eyes when you're confused? She raised her shot glass in his direction before downing it, shuddering as it burned down her throat."Piper rolled her eyes."Don't try to distract me."She could hear the smile in Blue's voice as she answered."It wasn't meant to be a distraction, just a statement of fact." She planted a kiss on Piper's shoulder. Handy robot bartender at the Third Rail."Fella sittin' over there lookin' sorry for himself. Give me two beers and two shots of Bobrov's Best, would you? He did the same, then quickly finished the beer he'd been nursing and started in on the one she'd given him."So what'd you do to deserve that? "I just mentioned that Magnolia was sounding particularly good tonight."He shook his head."Nah, see, that was your first mistake."She let him continue to give her dating advice until she noticed that his speech was becoming a little slurred. ""Bill Sutton, s'this guy works at the farm with me, he sent me here to hire a mercenary to take him out.I'll just stick around here for a while, spend this pile 'a caps.'Course, he's prolly figured out that I ain't comin' back. S'frightened as he is, man's capable of just 'bout anything."Nora shook her head in commiseration."That's rough, friend.

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Manuelita es de esos libros que tenés que pasar en algún momento de tu infancia. Fue una poetisa, escritora, música, cantautora, dramaturga y compositora argentina, que ha sido considerada como "mito viviente, prócer cultural (y) blasón de casi todas las infancias".