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Combining all three of these options will allow you complete control that the stream (and any subsequent recorded videos) will only play on the page(s) you designate.

Use this to only allow the stream and recorded videos to play on the domains or pages you specify. From the Security page click on Settings If you only want to have the player on your own site and don't plan to have anyone watch on your channel page, check this box to remove the channel page from the Ustream site.

TV for 0 million, winning a bidding war with Google. Because Twitch has a huge user community, including 50% of all millennials worldwide. TV was established for gamers – gamers who wanted to livestream their gaming activities, by creating channels on Twitch and streaming videos of themselves playing in real time.

Now the decision to make a live streaming website like Twitch didn’t just come out of the air. TV which had been created long before the current disruptors, Periscope and Meerkat.

9/16 = 0.5625) The embed configuration interface offers additional options for Pro Broadcasters.

You can set your player to start playing automatically when the page is loaded.

We recommend using IBM Cloud Video's embed generator tool to configure the correct size for your embed.

While you have a lot of flexibility in the size of your embeds, there are certain sizes that will work better than others to preserve the correct look and feel of the player and the sidebar.

Pro Broadcasting accounts provide additional features around embedding.If you have someone who updates your website for you, just copy and paste this and send it to them and they will know what to do with it.If you use Wordpress, here are instructions for embedding your player on Wordpress.For more advanced options, use the IBM Cloud Video dashboard embed page.Hover over the video player and in the lower right corner click on the Share menu. Copy and paste the code that you will see in pop up box.

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Where a player is embedded in a non-standard aspect ratio, black sections will appear on the top or sides of the video in order for the video to be presented in its original format.