Dating sites milw wi

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Dating sites milw wi

I have received 2 emails from Kohls December 19th and January 2nd stating they are investigating my claim and it will take 2-3 weeks to resolve it.I have requested the customer service manager’s contact information and did not receive it.Reply We just had the same thing happen to us today!!!We have been Kohl’s loyal customers for over 20 years, and ALWAYS made on time payments or paid off our Kohl’s charge.No wonder retailers are in trouble – they treat their customers like dirt. Reply REFERENCE #171211-084314 I have enclosed the reference # hoping that someone from the Corporate office sees this and can examine all the correspondence I have had with their customer service. Told that the refund was being processed as we were speaking. Called again, this time I was told “yes it was cancelled but the associated never pushed the SUBMIT button, so it was Kohl’s fault and I would get a refund within 7 days” Never received refund. Today I received an email stating that I should contact or go to the person who received my item and ask that they please bring the item back to a Kohl’s store and the credit would be applied to my account. I called Kohls customer service and was told a case was open to trace the package and they would get back to me in 2-3 days.Have never dealt with such incompetent people in my whole life. I called Kohl’s and was told that the cancellation would be expedited and I would receive a refund and an email to confirm our conversation. The only problem with that is that I live in New Jersey and the item was shipped to California. After not hearing from Kohls in a week, I called again.

The total disregard for an honest mistake is mind boggling.I just sent in for my credit report and I have not missed or been late on a payment to anyone in over 25 years !I called up Kohls customer service and got a very rude obnoxious lady that refused to do anything for me but be nasty !He told me they couldn’t do that until the investigation was over. Then he asked me if I thought Kohls intentionally did not ship my item?!? ’ I just want the item I ordered and paid for to get to my son! If I had ordered through Amazon, they would have immediately sent out a replacement.They needed to make sure that my son and daughter-n-law were not just saying they never received it. I finally had to order another blanket and have it shipped to my daughter-n-laws work address.

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She totally did not care that this ding was affecting our excellent credit, and despite our customer loyalty for all these years would not assist us in getting it reversed for us.