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Legitimate dating sites don't work that fast and it takes a little bit of time to build up a momentum.

Everything from the contract letter from Pemex Oil, to the emails to his supplier called Plamedi were so very convincing.He even offered to transfer money to my bank account for being so kind in helping him out with emails to his supplier while he was away and couldn't access his account. I'm out nearly 00 since he wiped out my account. The saying "Hindsight is 20/20" definitely rings true.All the signs were there, but its hard to see them when your heart is leading the way.He was widowed, an oil engineer & had made a very good life for himself financially.I confided in a church member that I had begun talking to him and she warned me of the dangers, but he was so convincing that I ignored her. He sent me documents of a job he was doing in Germany, as well as had me emailing things for him in relations to this job.

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None of the actual images of females on the site are connected to a real person who is a member of the dating service.

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