Adult sites without viruses or scams

Posted by / 22-Jan-2017 06:03

Adult sites without viruses or scams

Safari has nothing to do with that, that is a website with the info and it was opened by the adult website.

Just delete the website in question, you do not have a virus.

They will use the information they obtain to commit fraudulent activities, such as identity theft or they could obtain direct access to your banking and credit card details.

Maybe 99% of adult sites are safe but there are a minority that can cause your computer to have serious troubles.

Adult sites are known to attract very high amounts of traffic so they are a favorite of Hackers trying to target innocent victims.

This is a fairly new attack vector but with credit cards now a little bit harder to get people are falling for these traps more readily.

I’ve showed you several different types of sites that you must be aware of when surfing the Internet.

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I go to my safari and it says I have viruses from adult websites, I'm guilty of that yes.