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As much as Steele's dossier, Carter Page was a mere pretext: The dossier was the pretext to get to Page, and Page was the pretext to get to Trump.Here are the only references Christopher Steele makes to Mr Page in his garbage dossier.They're really the two choices here: either "the world's premier law enforcement agency" was manipulated by one freaky Brit spook, or "the world's premier law enforcement agency" conspired with the freaky Brit spook to manipulate the judge.Me again from months ago: There was enough of a pseudo-dossier, by the debased standards of the bloated US 'intelligence community', to be used as a pretext to get the rubber-stamp FISA court to approve 24/7 surveillance of everyone around Trump - and maybe that would turn up something to destroy him. Every sentient creature knows that - because everyone understands that if they'd found anything they'd have leaked it.I get some pushback when I use expressions like "rubber-stamp FISA court".Shepard Smith was arguing on Fox yesterday that a FISA court judge is almost like a Supreme Court justice - I was laughing so much I nearly drove off the road. In this case, almost every material fact about the "evidence" was withheld, or coyly skirted.A surveillance warrant against a US person also has to be renewed every 90 days - which this one was, thrice: That would presumably be just before the inauguration in January, and again in April and July.

Did the Department of Justice and the FBI inform the tribunal of "all material facts" relating to the dossier. a) that it was the work of a former foreign spy now hawking his Rolodex for fun and profit; b) with a passionate, indeed obsessive anti-Trump bias; c) who was being handsomely paid for his work; d) by Trump's political opponents at the DNC and the Clinton campaign; e) and was collaborating on anti-Trump oppo research for Hillary with the wife of the self-same Associate Deputy Attorney General heavily involved in the warrant application.In the "national security" sphere, the entire system is ex parte.Carter Page, the peripheral Trump campaign volunteer who was the target of the surveillance, was not represented in court. A year and a half after he attracted the attentions of Deputy Director Mc Cabe and his chums, Mr Page has not been charged with a single crime, never mind (to be old-fashioned about these things) convicted of one.They misled him/her as to the nature of the document, its provenance, its credibility, the motivations of its author, and his financial ties to the Clinton camp.They did, however, argue that the dossier had been independently "corroborated" by a September 2016 story in Yahoo News - even though that Yahoo story came from the same guy who authored the dossier: in effect, the Government got its surveillance warrant by arguing that its fake-news dossier from Christopher Steele had been independently corroborated by a fake-news story from Christopher Steele.

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In addition, an internal FBI investigation had found his dossier "minimally corroborated".